Gun Classes for Everyday People

Our mission is to provide the instruction, training, information, and tools that normal, everyday people of all skill levels need to be responsible gun owners and protect themselves and their families. Our classes are designed for normal, everyday people. Beginners are not only welcomed but encouraged! Your job is to keep them safe. Our job is to teach you how.

Gun classes for normal, everyday people

Wisconsin online CCW (concealed carry weapon) class

We are the only organization offering an online CCW info class as a supplement to Wisconsin DNR’s online Hunter Eduction course. The DNR’s online-only course qualifies Wisconsin residents for a Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit; our online course adds to that everything the DNR’s course doesn’t cover such as the law, reciprocity, and carrying on tribal reservations.

Our classes are private; attendence is restricted to only those within your group. This ensures the privacy of attendees and also helps everyone feel more comfortable asking questions. Whether you choose to host a class at your home, business, or other location, you’ll have complete control over who is allowed to attend.

All of our classes are private.

We talk about the legal, ethical, and moral implications of self defense situations as well as use of force situations.

We do things a little bit different; while other instructors focus on giving students the bare minimum needed to satisfy the legal requirements of a CCW permit, we go much farther. We talk about how a prosecutor and jury would see your actions and what you can to do protect yourself legally before, during, and after an encounter.

We prepare you for the things you haven’t thought about yet; we talk about the ethical and financial ramifications of your actions or inactions and what you can do to protect yourself from those perspectives. We also talk about alternatives to deadly force and how they fit in to a protection plan. Remember – our goal is to help you become a protector, not just get a license to carry concealed. We give you the resources you need on your journey to becoming a protector.