Wisconsin Online Concealed Carry Class

If you’ve done any research for an online concealed carry class, you’ve undoubtedly found hundreds of courses willing to take your money. You’ve hopefully also learned that not a single one of them actually meets the training requirements for concealed carry; all states require an in-person class. There is one loophole, however, that allows Wisconsinites (and only Wisconsinites) to take an online class that does qualify for a Wisconsin concelaed carry permit.

Wisconsin’s statutes allow a DNR approved hunter education course to satisfy the training requirement for a Wisconsin concealed carry permit.

CCW applicants must provide ONE of the following forms of firearms training. 

  1. A copy of a Hunter Education certificate from Wisconsin’s Hunter Education program or a substantially similar program that is established by another state and recognized by the Department of Natural Resources. 

And, thanks to the pandemic, the DNR moved the hunter ed course online for those over 18.

Online-Only Hunter Education Course – No Field Day Required (18+)

The online-only hunter education course has the same general content as the other hunter education options. Students work through online units, take multiple-choice quizzes and then take a final multiple-choice exam. Upon successfully completing all portions of the course, the student is awarded a hunter education safety certificate.


The DNR’s course, however, doesn’t cover anything about concealed carry in Wisconsin. We have no idea what the legislators were thinking – it does nothing to prepare you for concealed carry. Check out their study guide to see exactly what is covered in the class. Specifically, it doesn’t cover anything you need to do (or not do) to avoid becoming an accidental criminal and believe us there is a lot to know.

That’s where we come in. We’ve created an online concealed carry info class that covers the law, required elements of self defense, castle doctrine, where we can and can’t carry, what we can and can’t carry, carrying on tribal reservations, reciprocity (how to carry in other states), and how to apply for and maintain a Wisconsin CCW permit.

Between the DNR’s online course and ours, you’ll not only be able to get your concealed carry online but you’ll also get the info you need to be a legal carrier. And, the best part is you’ll be able to do it for a grand total of $64.50 ($34.50 for the DNR’s class, $30.00 for ours) which is less than an in-person class by itself.

Do you need to take our class? Nope! Not at all. The DNR’s class is all you need to qualify for your permit. Should you take our class? Absolutely! Instead of spending hours upon hours researching laws, ordinances, rules, and legal opinions, spend an hour with us and get the info you need.

Before you close this page and file it under ‘yeah right’, please understand that this isn’t something offered through Suburban Carry – we have nothing to do with the loophole or course and we don’t charge for this info. Unlike the scammers, we’re not selling a bogus class. We hope, however, that you’ll choose to take our new info-only online course that covers the things hunters’ ed doesn’t about carrying concealed in Wisconsin.

Head over to the Wiscosin DOJ’s concealed carry page to confirm the training requirement and then over to DNR’s hunter education page to see the course. Better yet, feel free to reach out to the Wisconsin DOJ yourself to confirm.

We reached out to the Wisconsin DOJ, the Wisconsin DNR, and several legislators to get clarification. Everyone we spoke with confirmed that while any other online concealed carry classes don’t satisfy the training requirement for a CCW permit, an online hunters’ education class approved by the DNR does. To put it simply, Wisconsin residents can absolutely satisfy the training requirement requirement for a concealed carry permit with an online class. It’s a known loophole that they have no plan to fix.

Here’s the rub – there is a delay. Your training certificate won’t be available for you to download until after the first week of the next month. If you take the online course in the first week of January, you won’t be able to download the certificate and apply for your Wisconsin concealed carry permit until the second week of Feburary. If you have time to wait, this is no problem! If, on the other hand, you need your permit sooner, you’ll need to take an in-person concealed carry course.

With that said, check out our new online concealed carry info class! The one hour course covers the basics you’ll need to avoid becoming an accidental criminal.

Until then, go ahead and get the ball rolling – head over to the only official Wisconsin DNR approved hunter ed course at www.hunter-ed.com/wisconsin.