Church Safety: Protecting Your Congregation

While the shepherd tends to his flock, his sheepdogs are busy protecting it.  On high alert, they are ready to respond to any threat in the blink of an eye.  This has become all too true for modern churches and congregations.

Churches have changed from being sanctuaries to being targets, but this doesn’t mean the congregation shouldn’t still feel safe.  Our Church Safety session prepares concealed carriers create to protect their entire church family every time they gather.

We help church protectors:

  • Uncover the unsettling reality of mass shootings carried out in houses of worship by examining real-life attacks from across the country.
  • Understand the common challenges most places of worship face and discover how to overcome them with a comprehensive security checklist.
  • Discover how they and fellow worshippers can prepare for, prevent, respond to and deal with the aftermath of an active shooter event
  • Create an Emergency Operations Plan
  • Understand the special considerations unique to protecting worshippers in churches, especially providing invisible protection with multiple armed protectors
  • Learn how the Run, Hide, Fight principles apply to churches

Please keep in mind that an effective church protection program requires more than just individual protectors; it takes an entire team of security personnel working together.  The information learned from this session works best when the entire team is in attendance.

Please contact us for more information on scheduling this class.