Module 3: Live Fire

Live Fire Session

The next step in your journey to become a protector is to take our live fire session. You’ll spend some quality time with our expert at your range, using your handgun, working on things like stance, grip, and trigger control. When added to our Module 1: Intro to Handguns and Module 2: Concealed Carry sessions, this session qualifies you for your Minnesota and Florida CCW permits

More than just a proficiency demonstration, you’ll walk away from your live fire session with actionable items you can use and practice to improve your draw speed, firing speed, and accuracy. Our goal isn’t to turn you into an expert marksman but rather into a competent protector.

This session is just one step, however; you’ll want to take the things you learn here and practice them regularly. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. There is no substitute for spending time putting bullets downrange.

Please contact us for more information on scheduling this class.