Intro to Handguns

Whether you’re still thinking about maybe getting a gun or have already purchased one, our $30 Intro to Handguns and Self Defense Pistol Basics Module 1 session is the first step on your road to becoming a protector. We cover everything you need to do know to select the right handgun for you as well as how to use and store it safely.

Concealed Carry

Once you’ve completed the Intro to Handguns session and are ready to take the next step, you’ll sit in on our $40 Concealed Carry Module 2 session that covers not only the laws governing concealed carry for Wisconsin and the 33 other states that recognize your Wisconsin permit, but also the basics of home and self defense including how to be a safe and effective protector wherever danger finds you.

Live Fire

When you’re ready for some hands-on training after getting your WI CCW permit, we’ll join you at your favorite range with your own handgun for some one-on-one coaching and instruction. In addition to helping you master the basics of shooting, this $20 live fire Module 3 session also qualifies you for your MN and FL CCW permits.

Countering a Mass Shooter

A mass shooting is one of our worst nightmares.  To make a bad situation even more horrible, our employers, schools, and churches have tried to turn us into victims, convincing us to hide and hope that help arrives and finds us before the shooter does.  This four hour Countering the Mass Shooter Threat session for $60 teaches you how to take action and save lives.

Protecting Your Congregation

Churches have changed from being sanctuaries to being targets, but this doesn’t mean the congregation shouldn’t still feel safe.  Our Church Safety session for $60 prepares concealed carriers to protect their entire church family every time they gather.