Center Console Holster for Vehicles

Choosing the right holster for a vehicle takes just as much thought as choosing a holster for the body. You’ll want to find something that makes your handgun easily accessible while still concealing it properly. The hook and loop holster from Alien Gear is a great center console holster for vehicles as well as any other flat surface within the vehicle.

Take Aim TV has a great review and demo on YouTube.

I personally use the center consoles of my vehicles; the hook and loop is stuck to the side of the interior and the holster sticks to it. A quick flip of the console cover and I have easy access to my weapon. The same can be done on the exterior of the console or even below the dash or steering wheel. The beauty of this system is that you’re not limited to one location; the holster can be moved to any location that has a hook and loop pad depending on your needs that particular day.