Drawer Safes

Keeping your gun secured when not on you is a huge responsibility, especially if there are little ones in the house. Just as equally important is keeping it safe in your vehicle when you can’t take it with you into a ‘gun free’ zone. This inexpensive safe available on Amazon does exactly that and at around $30 it won’t break the bank.

The three digit combination lock is quick and easy to use and the included cable allows you to secure it to furniture at home or the seat mounts in the car.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little easier to access. there are also pistol safes that can be opened not only with a combination but also with a fingerprint (biometrics) or RFID card for about $50 more.

This model does not include the cable to attach it to furniture or your car seat, but it may be a better choice for quick access as a home safe due to the fingerprint and RFID card access options.

Either way, both safes will give you the ability to keep your weapon out of the hands of people who should not be able to use it.