Gun No-Go Zones for Concealed Carriers

Believe it or not, gun free zones are actually on a sliding scale. There are major differences between the different gun no-go zones for concealed carriers. Disclaimer: this is NOT legal advice! Consult with your state’s Attorney General’s office for full information for your state.

The first and most restrictive is the post office. It is also the same no matter which state you’re in. Federal regulations do not allow any guns, in any state of readiness, on post office property (except, of course, for law enforcement). Why is this the most restrictive? As you’ll learn a little later, carriers can usually store their firearm in their car – but not on post office property. Having a gun in your vehicle while you’re on post office property is a federal crime. Curious to know why? Just do a search for the origin of the phrase ‘going postal’.

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