Which States Honor a Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit?

Called ‘reciprocity’, 33 states either honor a Wisconsin concealed carry permit or do not require a permit. Our nation currently has a patchwork quilt of concealed carry laws with significant differences between states. Around 20 states have constitutional carry which means no permit or license is required. Others require a license or permit but make it virtually impossible for residents and nonresidents to obtain one. For those remaining, some states will honor other states’ concealed carry permits, typically as long as the state has similar training and licensure requirements. The main difference between the requirements in many states is whether or not live fire (demonstrating the ability to safely handle a gun) is required.

The map above (courtesy of our friends at USCCA) shows all 33 that honor a Wisconsin concealed carry permit. States in yellow may have additional restrictions – check out USCCA’s Wisconsin reciprocity and gun laws page to learn more.

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